Client Testimonials

Hear from satisfied clients that have hired Copy Martin, LLC for freelance writing services.

We hired Martin to help us craft the language for our website during the infancy of our business. He knew exactly the questions to ask to pull the information from crude, high level vision, to a well articulated message. He was also able to make recommendations on site architecture and layout, which helped organize our vision and allowed us to put forth a more focused message.

— Joe D., Principal

Martin put together several customer case studies for Textel. His writing style was outstanding and exactly what we were looking for. The case studies were very effective and we have used them for widespread distribution.

— Mike M., Chief Revenue Officer

Martin provides copywriting, copyediting and research to support one of our content microsites on an ongoing basis. He has a great positive attitude about the projects, is super responsive, and produces relevant content in a very timely manner. Martin expertly blends an approachable tone with his vast technical knowledge and research in his work. He is a high recommend.

— Amelia F., Sr. Marketing Manager

I've worked with Martin on multiple copywriting projects and continue to hire him because of his great work and effective communication. I've worked with dozens of freelancers over the years and Martin stands out as one of the best.

— Andrew P., Owner at Bananas Marketing Agency

Thanks for being awesome, Martin! Not only do you deliver quality work, you're very easy to work with--- professional, reliable, and a great communicator. One of the best freelance writers I've had the pleasure to work with!

— Mary F., Research, Strategy, & Content Development Leader

We've been using Martin for our own copywriting and copywriting for our clients since 2017. His creativity is second to none, and we'll continue to use Martin's expertise until the internet shuts down.

— Jason Berkowitz, Founder of Break The Web

Martin is fantastic; he listens and learns very quickly, he is working with your companies best interests at heart and he goes above and beyond to get a job finished to perfection. He has been worth every penny because what Martin can do in 1 hour other employees would take 10 hours to achieve.

— Charlotte B., Director

While hosting events for freelancers in San Diego, Martin expressed interest in sharing his experiences and findings to help other freelancers. I happily took him up on the offer and I was so glad I did!! Not only was Martin happy to share his knowledge to help others succeed, he put together a polished and engaging presentation that I heard many attendees reference long after the presentation was over.

— Dana Rowley, Marketing Professional

I had the pleasure of working alongside Martin for almost 3 years. In that time I was afforded the opportunity to see him take a fledgling brand and develop a unique voice and tone for it. His ability to develop strategies for our content and follow through with understanding the metrics for these strategies, truly helped lay the foundation for the brand to flourish.

— Jen Klabis, Marketing Manager & Creative Director

I had worked with several writers over my career. To my surprise and delight, none of them were nearly as good as Martin Ceisel. He has the unique ability as a writer to not only tackle the technical writing genre, but also the creative side as well. In addition, his tone can vary from very "professorial" to "conversational."

— Tim Passios, Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce

I've been able to regularly send a variety of content writing assignments Martin's way, including blog posts, website copywriting, and case studies—he's become Cardinal's go-to for much of the content we use to attract and convert new business.

— Alex Membrillo, CEO at Cardinal Digital Marketing

Martin is by far the easiest content developer I have ever worked with. He quickly creates a voice for his customer and took on our persona with ease. In addition to his super writing, Martin is also a quick communicator, staying on top of conversations and adhering diligently to deadlines.

— Amanda Loveland, Chief Marketing Officer

Martin was an incredible asset to our OneGlobe Citizen editorial staff. He was very thorough in his work and always delivered on-time and exactly in scope. He has the rare writing skills of incorporating heavy research while telling a compelling story.

— Brenden Dougherty, CEO/COO

Martin was a great asset to our freelance writing team. His attentiveness, attention to detail and proactive approach meant that we could depend on him for quality writing delivered on time for our clients.

— Marie Schutt, Content Strategy & Marketing